Family history has long been one of the major reasons that researchers call on us at the Museum. We are always pleased to help with genealogical research provided that we receive advance notice of names, dates, places, etc. Visiting family history researchers come from as near as next door and as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

The Isles of Scilly Family History Group has been formed as part of the Isles of Scilly Museums ever expanding remit. The social history of the islands, held by the museum, is of great benefit to those carrying out research on their family's life style all those years ago. Photos, articles of clothing, tools and instruments, books and records etc., held in the museum, have been acquired mainly from local sources and Island families. All of these help the researcher build up a picture of life in Scilly.

The aim of the Group is not to carry out genealogical research but to direct people towards the many areas of information available to enable them to carry out their own research. It also aims to build up a data base of family trees held in the museum and list who is currently researching them. Because most Scillonian families have inter-married a lot of the information, already logged, is applicable to more than one family.

Throughout the year Museum volunteers help answer questions on literally anything to do with the islands. Our help is given with great pleasure but we do appreciate donations towards our Museum funds and we ask that a copy of all research findings be given to the Museum archives. In this way we can all contribute to safeguarding the islands' cultural legacy.

Sharing of the information will quickly widen the social picture and reduce the research time. Please click here to contact the Museum.

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